Friday, August 13, 2010


I'M GONNA GO BROKE... if I don't learn how to crochet & sew! The problem with being on bedrest is that I have WAAAAAY too much time to surf the web looking for little pretty things to outfit our coming arrival in. I've managed to limit myself to only headbands for now, but I have a whole folder of saved items from Etsy & Hyenacart just waiting for their turn in line to be "checked out" and sent home to me!

To be completely honest, I CAN sew.. A LITTLE. I know the basics & have successfully made different things ranging from prom dresses to blankets, but the problem is that I am NOT good at it. I almost always need help and at some point I always have to pull out the seams & start a piece of my project over. Maybe it's a lack of practice or maybe it's because I'm a bad judge of distance & length (always have been), but I'm certainly gonna need to channel Grandma to learn these skills effectively & efficiently. She was always the one I would go to if I had a question about transforming a simple piece of fabric into something wonderful. Then, she would laugh at me as I told her about my idea to turn an old pair of jeans from the thrift store into a cool pair of vintage bellbottoms and give them new life. More than likely, she would laugh because she knew it would turn into a half completed project that she would end up finishing!

But, I am determined to learn how to do this, if for no other reason to be able to make my Little Miss Magic some beautiful things to wear. It will take some time & I'm sure that I won't be able to practice as much as I want to for a good while. With the baby coming soon, school starting, then the Holidays approaching fast, my education in sewing & crocheting will be a slow one. But maybe if I practice enough & if Grandma sends me some inspiration from above, I'll soon be able to make a few of these! :-)

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  1. I am right there with ya but since I don't have any babies, I would love to be able to make things like napkins and curtains and sofa throws and quilts. I am dying to make an old country quilt :) Guess I should buy a sewing machine huh?? lol