Monday, August 16, 2010

Tribute to Elvis

Who better defines the golden era of days past than Elvis Presley? 33 years ago today, he tragically lost his life to a drug overdose and left behind a legacy that is still remembered today. Despite his rocky history, the image of Elvis Presley still represents all things that are good: an era of revitalization, prospering families, wholesome music & family friendly media. Whenever I watch his movies or listen to his music, I am immediately transported to a better time & place. That strong voice is the voice of  generation who strived to live the American Dream to its fullest potential. Today, we not only mourn the life of Elvis, himself, but we also mourn those fabulous days of simplicity & beauty. In that spirit, I wish you a day lived with optimism, happiness & the remembrance of a much simpler time & place.


  1. I so totally agree!!! Elvis was awesome and had a voice that would make your heart stop. There's been no one like him ~ before or since!!

  2. great pics! And I agree, wouldn't it have been nice to live in those days.