Monday, June 14, 2010

It's sure to get a little crazier!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Here is to hoping that your weekend was filled with relaxation & blessings! We had a great (and busy) one, for which I have lots of pictures to show you in few paragraphs down.

In other news, however, this past week has been really crazy for me... Well, really the past 6 months have been crazy for me! I am on pregnancy #3 with our first little girl and before she was even a little blue line on a stick she has made our life very interesting. From severe morning sickness & dehydration (which I mistakenly thought to be old stomach issues creeping up again) to the marathon of testing I've had, she has been in every form, much more challenging than her two brothers. This past Monday I had an amniocentisis, for which we have a potential Down's Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis. Mind you, I already had a genetic carrier testing for Cystic Fibrosis which came back negative. However, with only a 92% accuracy rate on the test, the doctor suggested we run the diagnostic on the amnio as well, just to rule out that possibility in it's totality. So here we are waiting on results that we have been assured should be here by the very latest this Friday. Its already a relief knowing the end to this crazy "in between" phase of non-direction will soon be over and we can focus on welcoming Little Miss Magic in a mere 14 weeks or so. I can't wait. I've been a mom to boys for the past 8+ years & I am really excited to be having a daughter now, too!

Back to our weekend... We had a great one! Lots of time with family! It was our little cousin's 2nd birthday party (Dora The Explorer themed, of course) and all the "little's" had a great time swimming & playing with one another. Birthday Girl had a fabulous time & received lots of great gifts that any 2 year old would adore, including a new Tutu & Dora rain boots! Can I just say how proud of my oldest son, Brown Eyes, I am? He spent half of the party pulling around a wagon full of giggling little girls assuring that every pigtailed guest got a ride before party's end! Then after all the wagon rides were completed, he found & promptly returned a lost gold bracelet to its owner, who hadn't even realized he had lost it yet. Owner rewarded him with a 5 dollar bill to which my husband reminded him that honesty always pays off! Needless to say, I'm a proud Mama! After Birthday Girls party on Saturday, we celebrated a mini post birthday for Brown Eyes, whose actual birthday is in May. But since my parents were still vacationing in Florida in May, we celebrated a little late this year. My Mom made him a special homemade ice cream cake, which was fabulous!! Chocolate layer cake with vanilla ice cream in between & chocolate mousse cream "icing"! YUUM! I can't wait to nibble on the left overs this week! If I haven't mentioned it already, my Mom is an awesome cook & baker! She always has unique ways to make things special, especially when it comes to treats for the kids. I want to be her when I grow up :-D

Here are a few pictures of our weekend. We have another crazy week ahead of us which includes a few doctors appointments, taking the kids on a few outings & waiting for those test results. It's sure to get a little crazier by week's end too! Wishing you & yours a happy week! I know it's the last week of school for many of you, so I'll be wishing you some sanity this week, as well. Many blessings!


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I have 2 girls and they are a lot of fun :)

    That ice cream cake looks really yummy....

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  4. Love all your summer ideas. I definitely plan on borrowing a few. :)
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