Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Boys & the Bay

There are some days I just want to crawl back into bed & hide under the covers until all my problems work themselves out without me. I felt like that EVERY DAY this week. Ever have one of those weeks where nothing seems to go the way you planned & you are left with emptiness, a tinge of regret & sprinkling of self loathing by week's end? Yeah... SOOO Me this week! Luckily, I am blessed & even when things seem at their worst I am reminded that it truly is the smallest of life's pleasures that are the most important. Yesterday I had a day that redeemed the whole week! My mother in law & I took my boys to the movies, because you just CAN'T miss the opening weekend of Toy Story 3 (GREAT, BTW! Go see it!). Afterwards, we had a lunch of delicious summertime treats under a shady umbrella at a bayside cafe. My boys enjoyed watching the boats sail by, all the while taking in deep breaths of salty ocean air. There is something about the happiness of your children & their enjoyment of the simple things that is just wonderful. AAAAAAHHH! My mood is rejuvenated! Here are the pictures to prove the reason why!


  1. Shannon UnderkoflerJune 19, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    I got chills reading this................ I have alot of weeks like you had, especially since I've been sick! But, I like being outside in mother nature, and that usually helps lift my mood back up, and talking to the cats. I know that sounds weird, but I do. They are kinda like children to me, and unconditional love. And.............. I love the pics! :)) ~Shannon

  2. The simplest things in life are the best. And I am so totally jealous that you live near the bay.