Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oh that day! What an emotional mess I was! It was the first week of February & my little Blue Eyes was getting ready to turn a year old. I was knee deep in first birthday planning & up to my neck in winter bills wondering how I was going to get the two to happily marry without going broke. To make matters worse, my stomach issues & IBS always flare up when stress is high so everything I ate made me sick. I was sick for a several weeks before feeling like this was definitely the worst case of IBS I had to date & I swore I was finally going to start taking my medication (which I never do, of course!). Ahem!

Ever notice how Moms are always right? They are clued in to the mysteries of the universe, I am certain! That being said, my mother half serious & half with a giggle suggests I take a pregnancy test. Bah! I can't be pregnant! I am a seriously dedicated birth control pill taker! How could THAT be possible? Well at this suggestion, I quickly thumb through my calendar. A long list of explicitives run through my head & I grab my keys & notify my husband I am heading to the Dollar Store to buy a pregnancy test. I had my hair in a bun, my husbands dirty sweatshirt on, tears streaming down my face & yes, I also had started to break out in stress hives (ON MY FACE!!!!). I must've looked like a broke, knocked up teenage buying a pregnancy test & paying for it with the remainder of a gift card my mother had bought my son for his Christmas stocking. Because yes, that week in February I didn't even have a whole dollar to scrape together for a pregnancy test. Oh yes, and let's not to forget to mention there was close to 3 feet of snow on the ground that week! But no amount of the white stuff was standing between me & that Dollar Store!

Well, I am sure you could guess the results by the title of this post! And tomorrow I will have only 10 weeks to go until my due date in mid-September. After the initial shock of being pregnant again finally wore off, we found out we are having a little girl. We also got a little more unexpected news when we found out there could be some potential complications. Nothing in this world is more scary then when you get that news. I "Googled" every term the doctor gave me. I surfed every forum that my web browser would allow trying to find any shred of information I could get. I cried for weeks over the information I found. I wanted to feel knowledgable. I NEEDED that information. I joined a few online support groups. And we did every test we could to try to find out what type of disorder our daughter could potentially have. If you're wondering, we really haven't gotten a good solid answer, even after an amnio. Trisomy 13, 18 & 21 have been ruled out, as well as Cystic Fibrosis. The amnio did produce a "positive" result for Spina Bifida, but since all 4 of my ultrasounds showed no sign of spinal defects, the doctor seems fairly certain it is more likely a "false positive". Of course, this gives me no confidence in the rest of the amnio results. We had the option of doing a broader range of testing for chromosonal defects, since that is what my highest risk is for, but we opted to decline all further tests. So, these last few weeks we are waiting it out & anxiously preparing for the arrival of Little Miss Magic. We have been so caught up in the testing, that we are frantically trying to pull together everything for her arrival. I pray for my daughter every day. I pray first & foremost that God's will be done in our lives. We are willing to accept the life God wants to give us. I pray for her to be healthy & that if she isn't, the complications would be minor. I pray that I can be the best parent that I can be to her & to her two big brothers. Nothing in this world is as precious as those three children are to me.

So...Yes, 10 WEEKS LEFT! My mother is coming out to visit next week so we can do some organizing & shopping. She'll only be here two days so I am sure we will try to cram as much in as possible. HERE'S TO NESTING!

Wishing my readers a blessed weekend & a productive week ahead!

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