Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blockbuster Express Kiosk - FREE RENTALS

Who doesn't LOVE a good movie? Who doesn't love it EVEN MORE when it's FREE??? It's the hottest summer on record in 20 years (Yes, really! I heard it on the news this morning!) and its just too plain hot to spend too much time outdoors. So whether the "Littles" are driving you nuts OR you need a romantic night in with your "Honey", here is the list of the current Blockbuster Express Kiosk Codes for a free one night rental.

GL15A (expires on 7/30)
GT17A (expires on 7/30)
G418A (expiration not known)
SSD17A4 (expiration not known)
SSD17A3 (expiration not known)

To find a Blockbuster Kiosk near you, follow this link:

Unfortunately, we don't have any in our area. We are a Redbox kind of town, I guess. But I do hope that some of you will get some use out of this.

P.S. I realize this information is circling around the blog community like crazy already and you may have already seen it. But just in case you are one of my personal friends that only subscribes to my blog OR by chance you missed these, here they are! ENJOY!

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